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Powered by the passion to provide the best raw materials, we maintain long-term and fair trade relationships with partners all over the world.


For almost 100 years, Kruse, Hess & Co. has had experience in importing pine nuts of certain origins and certain varieties. It is exactly this experience and the long-standing partnerships with our suppliers in the origin that ensure trouble-free imports and deliveries to the customer without any delays.


Our competence in the procurement of our raw materials, our flexibility and the proximity to our customers and trading partners have therefore made us a reliable partner for many years, managing the respective supply chains in a confident and responsible manner.


We trade our pine nuts according to the UNECE standard. All our pine nuts are IFS certified and also available in EU organic quality.

History from almost 100 years

A. W. H. Kruse
A. W. H. Kruse
In 1925 August Wilhelm Kruse und Friedrich Karl Eduard Heß founded Kruse, Heß & Co., based in Hamburg. In a feed factory situated near the Nordkanal, which has since been filled up, the company produced protein concentrate for animal feed and also poultry and birds feed. Additionally, further factories in Northern Germany produced humus fertilizer. In the post-war period, orders from the US to process flour consignments in Germany, the production of barley groats and the de-germination of maize enabled the company to enter the food market.

F. K. E. Heß
F. K. E. Heß
In the Fifties and Sixties, building on the original core business, the import of different seeds and dried insects needed for the production of food for pets and ornamental fish flourished. Dietrich Hahnke senior, who started in the company as a trainee in 1947, was made associate in 1957. After the unexpected deaths of both founders in 1958 and 1959 Hahnke senior became the sole personally responsible partner. In the following decades the focus on the food sector developed increasingly and the product range was transformed: More and more the forage products disappeared.

In 1976 the spelling of the general partnership was altered from Kruse, Heß & Co. to Kruse, Hess & Co.. In 1995 the business was changed to its current form as a GmbH & Co. KG. Because of the original name of the business the company is operating without the addition "KG" as Kruse, Hess & Co. GmbH & Co. Instead of Hahnke senior, the newly founded Kruse, Hess & Co. Verwaltungsgesellschaft is now the responsible associate.

In 1996 Roland Hahnke jr. was made limited partner. Under his direction the company advanced: Today, Kruse, Hess & Co. GmbH & Co. mainly imports pine nut kernels. Our customers are food retailers, packing companies, processors etc. from the European commercial zone. Besides the office in Hamburg the company operates his own warehouse in Geesthacht.


Pine nuts are almost exclusively wild-collected. The cones are picked at "harvest time" by collectors from trees that are located in forests covering several hectares. The cones are thus collected by hand, then dried and later removed from their hard shell.

The pine kernel that is released is then, depending on the variety, mildly sweet to spicy and somewhat resinous tasting and a real power pack. The kernels are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and contain many vitamins and minerals.

The complex harvest and the long maturing time of the new cones make pine nuts one of the most expensive kernels in the world.

Pinus koraiensis

Pinus koraiensis

Origin: China, Russian, Mongolia

The Korean pine grows with trees up to 40 m high in mixed forests, but also likes to grow in single forests. The habitat extends from the coasts of north-eastern China northwards to Russia, southwards to Korea and across the sea to Japan. The taste of P. koraiensis is rather resinous and spicy, but because of these characteristics it goes very well with pasta or other spicy dishes.

Pinus sibirica

Pinus sibirica

Origin: China, Russian, Mongolia

The seeds of the Siberian stone pine grow on trees up to 40 m high, forming pure forests that are native to the area between the 50th and 68th latitude. The mild-sweet flavour of this variety is special and makes the sibirica species the ideal companion as a topping for salads and bowls.

Pinus gerardiana

Pinus gerardiana

Origin: Pakistan, Afghanistan

The natural growing area of Pinus gerardiana is in the west of the Himalayas, in Afghanistan, China, India and Pakistan. This variety is special in many ways. The cylinder-shaped kernels are still traditionally and not industrially processed today. This means that the soft outer shells are removed and the kernels are traditionally dried in the sun to remove the seed coat. This results in a distinctive taste that varies from spicy to mildly sweet. The kernels are therefore excellent as a topping, even without a stir-fry.

Pinus pinea

Pinus pinea

Origin: Mediterranean

The most classic variety of pine nuts is Pinus pinea. It grows in almost all countries and areas around the Mediterranean with trees up to 30 m high. The spreading area of the pinea stretches from Anatolia, Italy and Spain to Portugal. The Pinus pinea exists both in pure and in mixed plantations. Compared to the other wild-growing varieties, pure plantings of this variety are created manually. The mild-sweet taste of this variety is highly appreciated in Mediterranean cuisine and is often served roasted.

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Quality   is for us more than the right count or the right moisture content: it means implementing the knowledge of product safety and the right supplier selection with passion and care. A competent team with decades of experience in the nuts, dried fruit and seeds sectors understands the areas of supplier selection, auditing, "paperwork", crisis management and food law. This competence, coupled with long-standing partnership relationships with our suppliers, the pursuit of that certain "extra" in QUALITY and service and a certified QUALITY management system is, in our view,   Quality

Our quality department consists of 3 experienced staff members who are ready to assist you in word and deed. We take care of your questions regarding analyses, specifications, conformities as well as a fast and sovereign complaint management. You can reach us at +49 (40) 303 7418 0 or via Email



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